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CISCO Virtual Internship Program.
All students are hereby informed that CISCO is organising Virtual Internship Program (VIP) on ACITE portal. Students should participate in this program by student registration on AICTE portal ( Last date for student registration is 30th April.

Virtual Internship process details:
1. The students from Cisco Networking Academy institutions from 1st, 2nd & 3rd year engineering/technical degree/diploma courses may participate in the program.
2. Students must complete the registration process at AICTE internship portal and then start completing the identified courses by contacting their NetAcad instructor at their institution.
3. Students will be requested to provide proof of course completion and digital badges to get the final certificate of the virtual internship program.
4. Those students approved will be invited to attend a Cisco industry session. Students will work under the guidance of their NetAcad instructor on the problem statement assigned to them.
5. On completion and submission of their project work, students will be required to undertake a final assessment conducted by Cisco.
6. Eligible students who have completed all the criteria will receive a virtual internship certificate.