BCE Principal Message


This is education which provides freedom, To stimulate the minds of the inhabitants of the locality by imparting higher education to them despite their poverty and other hardship.To boost up the mind and mentality of the students with the modernization and the changing scenario of the society.To improve the ability of the students for contribution to the welfare of the society.


Our Mission as an Institution is to “provide quality education, encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately mould young women capable of assuming leadership position in the society for the betterment of the country”

Believe in five cardinal points of achievement:

  • To equip the students with knowledge and skills concerning latest emerging technologies
  • To maintain a continuous interface with industry
  • To enhance the ability of students t through individual and group activities to inculcate and encourage a
    lifelong thirst for learning in them.
  • To encourage the conceptual, inter-personal and team work skills for technical and decision making ability
    among the students.
  • To improve optimum utilization of available resources.