Disciplinary Rule

  • Students are requested to maintain the highest standard of behavior and discipline both inside and outside the College.
  • No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.
  • Every class in charge and academic advisor keeps a close watch on the students’ attendance, progress, and conduct.
  • Irregular attendance, indifference in regard to classwork and examination, discourtesy towards teachers, insubordination, obscenity in word and act, willful damage to College property, anti-social activities, etc are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the College.
  • Without the permission of the Principal students shall not organize any activities or associate with any outside group concerned with the College.
  • The Principal shall have the power to expel any student from the College if the student is guilty of serious misconduct or student’s presence in the College is injurious to the order and discipline.
  • Every student should possess an identity card issued by the College which should be produced whenever asked for especially when dealing with the office.
  • Dress Code: The students shall wear College uniforms every day. The approved style of wearing uniform should be strictly followed.